Agency History

The agency, begun in 1967 by my father Glenn Rex, with the assistance of my mom Ethel, strived to handle the insurance needs of their clients with the same care and concern they would their own.

Exhibiting a high standard of professionalism, honor and integrity to ascertain and understand the insurance needs of their customers was a trademark of the agency and its staff. Over the years, Glenn and the agency received numerous sales awards from Transamerica Occidental Life, Hartford Insurance Company, Shelby Mutual Insurance Company and Safeco Insurance. In addition, the agency received 25+ year customer service awards with Safeco Insurance, Shelby Mutual and Transamerica Occidental Life.

It was into this environment I joined the agency in 1982 as an agent. Working with them to continue the tradition of professionalism, honor and integrity. A commitment to serving our customers in a professional and honorable manner, and building long term relationships with the insurance companies we represent, results in our agency entering it’s 44th year of business. As we proceed forward we appreciate the loyalty our customer’s have shown us and feel fortunate to know many of them as personal friends.

Merry Poe, CPCU, CLU

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